Testimonials & Dedication

Words of dedication

-George Ayoub, D.D.S

Mission Statement

"The Making of An Oral Health Professional."

I will dedicate my professional life to regarding each patient as a whole and complex person, promoting health to all people, identifying risk factors and serving as an advocate for disease prevention, using the very next clinical diagnostic strategies, providing the finest clinical treatments and therapeutics, and continuing to learn, revise, and enrich my knowledge throughout my career.

I dedicate my life to the health of those whose lives I directly or indirectly touch: my family and friends, the broader community, my individual patients and their families.

I extend to my patients my full respect and gratitude which is their due.

I will always practice my profession with the highest integrity, thoughtful judgement, and skills derived from scientific evidence.

I will always conduct myself with conscience, compassion and dignity, with the health and well-being of my patients and community as the first consideration.

I promise to respect the privacy of my patients.

I will maintain by all means in my power the noble traditions of the dental profession.

Letters of Appreciation from our patients

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