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Implant Dentistry

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Root-Form Implants

Root-Form Implants are called endosseous or endosteal implants. This means that they are placed in the bone. They look like screws, thick nails or cones, and come in various widths and lengths. A metal cylinder called an abutment is attached to the implant once it's solidly integrated into the jawbone. The abutment serves as a base for a crown, denture or bridge. For root-form implants to be successful, the bone needs to be deep enough and wide enough to provide a secure foundation.

Root-form implants can be inserted in two stages or one stage. The two-stage process is the traditional way. In this procedure, the implant is "buried" under the gum tissue in bone for three to four months. Then it is exposed during a second surgical procedure. In a single-stage procedure, the implant is placed in the bone and remains exposed in the mouth.

At McDowell Dentistry, we offer safe dental implants to restore your smile and improve functionality. Our root-form implants, placed securely in the bone, serve as a foundation for a crown, denture, or bridge. With the option of a two-stage or one-stage procedure, we ensure the best fit for your needs. In the two-stage process, the implant rests under the gum tissue for months before exposure during a second surgical procedure. Alternatively, our single-stage procedure places the implant directly in the bone, allowing it to remain exposed in the mouth. Our experienced team evaluates the depth and width of your bone to guarantee a secure foundation for successful implant integration.

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Implant Bridge

Implant bridges, offered at McDowell Dentistry, are an innovative solution to restore your smile and oral health. These bridges are supported by dental implants, providing a stable and long-lasting foundation. By opting for implant bridges, patients can regain the functionality of their teeth and achieve a natural-looking smile.

At McDowell Dentistry, our skilled professionals specialize in creating customized implant bridges to suit each patient's unique needs. Whether you are missing one tooth or several, implant bridges can bridge the gap and improve your overall oral health. With proper care, implant bridges can last for many years, making them a worthwhile investment in your smile!


3D Cone Beam X-ray, CBCT Scan

3D Cone Beam X-ray provides an advanced imaging technology to view jaw bones and teeth.

At McDowell Dentistry, we utilize cutting-edge technology, including 3D Cone Beam X-ray, to provide an advanced and comprehensive view of your jaw bones and teeth. The detailed imaging allows our skilled team to accurately plan and execute implant placement for safe dental implants. With this state-of-the-art technology, we can ensure precise diagnostics, improved treatment outcomes, and customized solutions tailored to your unique needs. Experience the advantages of our same-day dental implants near you, supported by our advanced 3D imaging capabilities, for a seamless and successful implant dentistry experience.

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